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Safety Tips

On the street:

  • Keep house and car keys separate.
  • Have keys ready.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Stay in well-lit areas.
  • Walk in the center of sidewalks. Avoid doorways, bushes, and alleys.
  • Do not carry excessive cash.
  • If attacked: 
    • Yell loudly
    • Use instincts, fight and never give up

In your car:

  • Check underneath and inside your car before entering.
  • Keep your car in good working order, including gas and all fluid levels up.
  • If your car breaks down, turn on flashers, lock your doors and get as far off the road as you can. Call 9-1-1 for police assistance.
  • If you are being followed, go to the nearest police or fire station, well-lit gas station or public place – do not go home.
  • When driving, place purse of valuables underneath your seats.
  • Link Opens in New WindowTeen Driver Safety Tips

In parking lots:

  • Park under a light at night if you anticipate it will be dark upon return.
  • Note where you parked your car for a quick and safe exit.

At home:

  • Routinely lock all windows and doors.
  • Keep entrances well-lit. Use timers for lights, both inside and outside.
  • Check identification of repair contractors or sales individuals.
  • Never indicate you are home alone.
  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Door chains are not sufficient protection. Install a deadbolt or door chain.
  • Contact your local police department to inquire about a home security check.

Child Safety:

  • Children should never approach, accompany, or accept gifts from strangers.
  • Teach children to report any suspicious incidents to you.
  • Teach children to never hitchhike.
  • Know where your children are at all times.
  • Develop a habit of children telling you where they are going and when they will return.
  • Have children play in groups and avoid secluded or deserted areas.
  • Teach children their full name, address, phone number, and how to dial 9-1-1.
  • Accompany children to restroom when in public.
    Use child safety seats, booster seats and safety belts correctly. For additional safety seat information, visit these web sites:
  • Teach children street safety:
    • Obey street signs and signals.
    • Utilize crosswalks and safe crossing at corners.
    • Encourage the use of sidewalks.
    • Look both ways before crossing the street.
    • Be aware of their surroundings.

Internet Safety:

*Hoaxes may appear relatively harmless but the cost and risk associated is multiplied by millions of individuals propagating hoax e-mail.  Costs involve wasted time and e-mail server processing resources, which may slow down to a crawl or crash under the heavy load.  Spammers (bulk mailers of unsolicited mail) harvest e-mail addresses from hoaxes and chain letters. 

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