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Pet FAQs
  • What do I do if I am missing my pet?
    • Contact Franklin Animal Control at 757-562-8605 and check to see if we have it; if not we will be on the look out and contact you if we locate your pet.
  • How do you get to the Franklin Animal Shelter?
  • How long does Animal Control keep animals once they are picked up?
    • An animal with a collar is kept for 10 days and without a collar for 7 days before they are put up for adoption.
  • Does Animal Control offer rabies shots?
    • No, Animal Control does not offer rabies shots.
  • Does Animal Control offer low cost spaying or neutering?
    • No, Animal Control does not offer low cost spaying or neutering.
  • What is the City of Franklin's trapping policy?
    • We can set traps for stray and feral companion animals, when weather permits and temperatures are not above 85 or below 32 degrees.
  • What should you do if you want to trap nuisance wildlife outside?
    • Contact Animal Control; wildlife calls are handled on a case-by-case basis. If we are unable to help we can provide you with contact information for a Licensed Trapper.
  • What animals in the City of Franklin have to be licensed?
    • All companion animals (pets).
  • How can I get my animal that was picked up back from Animal Control?
    • Contact the Franklin Animal Shelter at 757-562-8605; if held for less than 24 hours there is no fee, after the first 24 hours it is $10.00 for the first night and $5.00 every night thereafter.
  • What can I do about that barking dog or crowing rooster?
    • Try to talk to the owner of the animal first; if that does not work then contact Animal Control and we will handle the situation from there.
  • What does an owner have to provide if a dog is kept outside?
    • Shelter, food, water, and containment to own property.
  • What should I do if I know someone is not providing proper shelter for their dog?
    • Report it to Animal Control and we will investigate.
  • What should I do if I was bitten or scratched by an animal?
    • Contact Animal Control and your local physician.
  • Why doesn’t Animal Control respond to my call after hours?
    • We have one full time officer and one part time officer and they are off duty by 3:30 everyday.
  • What is Franklin Animal Control’s policy on Pit Bulls?
    • There is no policy on Pit Bulls.
  • Does Animal Control perform owner requested euthanasia services?
    • No, we do not perform owner requested euthanasia services.
  • Does Animal Control accept volunteer surrender of a dog or cat?
    • Yes, all you have to do is bring your animal to the Franklin Animal Shelter and sign an owner release form; this service is available only for City of Franklin Residents.
  • What forms of payment does Franklin Animal Control accept?
    • Cash or Check
  • If I am having a repeated issue with an animal owner violating or allowing their animal(s) to be in violation of the City of Franklin Municipal Code and unfortunately the violations are not able to be witnessed by an Animal Control Officer is there anything that can be done?
    • Yes, you can go to the Magistrate and take out a warrant.
  • I am interested in owning chickens or ducks and live on a property less than 40,000 square feet, what do I do?
  • How many pets can belong to one household in the City of Franklin?
  • Do you check for microchips or collars for the name of the owner?
    • Yes, we check for microchips or collars on any pets we pick up for the name of the owner.
  • Are you a no kill shelter?
    • We are not a no kill shelter but a low kill shelter; if we get a dog or cat, it predicts how long it is with us,
  • What do you do with adoptable animals?
    • If we have an animal that is adoptable then we keep it until we find a home. See Adoptions >
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The City of Franklin Animal Control only accepts animals that were either found or reside in The City of Franklin.  If an animal was found or resides in another county, the animal should be surrendered to a shelter in that county.